Original Hasegawa Woodblock Print September Kogiku


“Two bijin-ga (beautiful women) admiring the chrysanthemum blooms in September. Wonderfully detailed original woodblock mounted to museum standard with a silk weave border”

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Original Hasegawa Woodblock Print September Kogiku

Original Woodblock Print by Hasegawa (1834 – 1879). Already mounted to Museum Conservation Standard ready for framing.

Titled “September Kogiku” two bijin-ga (beauties) are admiring the flowers which bloom during the month of September.  Kogiku is the chrysanthemum which is the national flower of Japan.

A genuine polychrome woodblock print (nishiki-e) ink and colour pigment on Washi paper.  A beautifully rendered and original hand made woodblock print from the original meticulously hand carved woodblocks.  Printed on genuine Mulberry Bark Washi paper.  Excellent detail and colour pigments.

Ships mounted to museum conservation standard.  Print tipped to acid free foam core backing and mat by rice paper hinges upper corners and wheatflour starch adhesive.  The print is mounted with a silk weave border which complements the beauty of this print.

Shipping via Australia Post with tracking and is approximately 8 business days

Dimensions: Oban print size  34.5 height x  23.5 cm width | mounted size 51 cm height x 35.5 cm width


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