Recycling For A Better Environment

Recycling For A Better Environment

We inherited a beautiful planet and feel strongly about passing on our legacy to future generations.   At Kasasagi we recycle every possible item to avoid it becoming landfill.

We use recycled packaging where possible, without compromising on the quality of the items we sell.

Any plastics that cannot be used are recycled with REDcycle and Replas .  Please see our article below.  Our local dropoff point is Chadstone Shopping Centre and there are many others nationally in the links attached.

RedCycle have a pretty comprehensive list of plastics they will recycle:

  • Bread, pasta and rice bags
  • Biscuit packets
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Cereal box liners
  • Chocolate and Muesli bar wrappers
  • Cling Wrap
  • Confectionary Bags
  • Courier Satchels
  • Fresh produce plastic bags
  • Frozen food bags
  • Ice cream wrappers
  • Large sheets of plastic that furniture comes wrapped in (cut into pieces the size of an A3 sheet of paper first)
  • Netting citrus bags
  • Newspaper and magazine wrap
  • Plastic bags from boutique/department stores
  • The Plastic film from grocery items like nappies and toilet paper
  • Any Plastic sachets
  • Polypropylene bags
  • Silver-lined chip and cracker packets
  • Squeeze pouches
  • Sturdy pet food bags

About REDcycle and Replas

Aussies use 3.92 billion plastic bags a year and over 10 million new bags every day and 7,150 of these bags end up in landfill every minute according to Clean Up Australia.  Many plastics in your kerbside recycling bin wreak havoc with the machinery in recycling facilities and end up being landfill anyway.

But, there is an alternative to throwing them in the rubbish bin.

REDcycle is a recycling program which diverts flexible plastics from landfill and turns them into a material that can be used to manufacture new products.

Recycling For A Better Environment

How do I use it?    Collect all the soft plastics that you can’t reuse at home and drop them into the REDcycle collection bins at participating Coles and Woolworths supermarkets.  They are located in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth, Gold Coast, Wollongong and Geelong as well as the Mornington Peninsula.  You can also drop it off at their plastic facility in Laverton.  You can also find your closest drop-off point using the store locator on REDcycle’s website.

If you’re not sure about an item to recycle you can send REDcycle an email from their  FAQs page on their website

What happens to the plastic?  REDcycle collects the plastic and does some initial processing and delivers the plastic to Australian manufacturer Replas.  Replas blends this mixed plastic with rigid plastic and forms a material viable for use in the manufacture of new recycled plastic products, such as outdoor furniture and signage.

A great example of the transformed material is Enduroplank which was used to build the footbridge that leads to the MCG.

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