Antique Framed Original Kunichika Triptych


A rare and original triptych in excellent condition and framed to museum conservation standard.


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Antique Framed Original Kunichika Triptych

An beautifully detailed original Ooban Woodblock Tryptych Print by Toyohara Kunichika  (1835-1900).  The triptych is rare and also in very good condition.

A Kabuki play titled “Jyuhachi Ban no uchi Kanjincho” depicting well known actor Ichikawa Sadanji as tattooed Togashi  Zaemon on the right.  Other famous actors are Ichikawa Danjuro as Musashibo Benkei at center and Nakamura Fukusuke as Minamoto no Yshitsune at left.

The triptych was printed April 7, Meiji 18th year (1885).

It is rare to find tattoos depicted in a woodblock print.

Paper size of each Ooban Print is approximately 22.5 and 34.9 cm

Mounted dimensions 86cm Wide and 59.5cm High

Framed dimensions approximately 95.5 cm Wide and 69 cm High

Framed to Museum Conservation Standard.  Print tipped to acid free foam core backing and mat by rice paper hinges upper corners and wheatflour starch adhesive. True Vue 99% Anti UV Glass.

Available for local pickup from Melbourne, Australia.

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Dimensions 95 × 69 cm

Kunichika Toyohara


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