Framed Original 1883 Kunichika Kabuki Play Triptych

One of the acknowledged masterpieces of Kabuki Art depicting a play called “The Subscription List”.  Originals of this artwork are represented in the collections of many worldwide galleries including The Lavenberg Collection. Framed to Museum Conservation Standarad and available for local pickup from Melbourne.

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 Framed Original 1883 Kunichika Kabuki Play Triptych

An extremely rare original Oban Triptych by Toyohara Kunichika dated April 7 1883 and one of the acknowledged masterpieces of Kabuki Art.  Other Originals of this work can also be found in many worldwide galleries.  One of these originals is also part of  The Lavenberg Collection.

Eight actors are depicted in the play known as The Subscription List also referred to as Kanjinchō.  Ichikawa Sadanji I on the far right plays the role of Togachi Saemon. Ichikawa Danjûrô IX with his arm raised in the centre plays the role of Benkei and Ichikawa Ebijûrô V (not confirmed) plays Yoshitune in the lower left of the left panel.

Toyohaka Kunichika 1835 – 1900

Approximate dimensions are paper size of each Oban is  width 22.5 cm and height 35 cm.

Mounted Dimensions approximately 86.4 cm width and 60.4 cm height.

Framed dimensions approximately 95.5 cm width and 69 cm height.

Professionally framed to Museum Conservation Standard.  Print tipped to acid free foam core backing and mat by rice paper hinges upper corners and wheatflour starch adhesive. True Vue 99% Anti UV Glass.

Local pickup is available in Melbourne, Australia for this item.

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Kunichika Toyohara


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