WWII Japanese Lacquer Sake Cup


“gold symbols of the Navy flag, Cherry Blossoms, Paulownia Crest of Japanese Government and Gold Crane”


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WWII Japanese Lacquer Sake Cup

WWII Japanese Army Navy lacquer sake cup. Hand made solid wood with genuine Gold on red Urushi lacquer.  It is complete with it’s original,  labeled Paulownia (Kiri wood) box.

Gold lacquer symbols depict Navy flag, Cherry Blossoms and the Paulownia crest of Japanese Government as well as a Gold Crane.

Gold lacquer figures on the reverse also depict a commemoration of retirement from the Navy.

Minor light scratches. Otherwise remarkably excellent condition given its age, surviving WWII & the celebratory ferver that the Japanese Naval personnel distinguished themselves with at the time.

Shipping is via Australia Post and includes tracking.

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