Mount Fuji Four Case Antique Inro


“four case inro depicting scenes from Mount Fuji with a highly detailed charming netsuke of a Lotus Pod with mobile stems”

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Mount Fuji Four Case Antique Inro

A beautifully detailed four case Inro depicting Mount Fuji on both sides. Estimated to be from Japan’s Edo era (1870s to 1880).  Both sides depict a little hamlet which could be the village of Shin-Fuji and a river scene with Mount Fuji in the foreground.  Beautifully crafted featuring using real gold leaf Urushi lacquer.

Also featuring a high quality hand carved wooden Ojime.  The Ojime is highly detailed and depicts as a Lotus Pod with mobile stems.  The inro also features a hand carved wooden Ojime and the cord appears to be original to the era.

The Inro cases fit snugly and with precision and is also in good condition and structurally sound.  An important personal item it would have been used daily and shows some signs of age and wear and some loss of gold leaf maki-e. (Please see photos).

The approximate dimensions of Inro body are 7 cm height and 5 cm wide.  Supplied with the Kiri wood box shown in the images.

Shipping is via Australia Post and includes tracking and signature.  If you wish to have insurance cover for shipping please contact us for a quote to ship this item using Pack and Send.


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