Kuniyoshi Fortune Teller Woodblock Fan Print


A woman pointing to her fortune telling papers using her Kanzashi. Framed to museum conservation standard.


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Kuniyoshi Fortune Teller Woodblock Fan Print

Utagawa ANDO KUNIYOSHI (1797-1858) Uchiwa Fan print.

A beautifully detailed woodblock fan print by Kuniyoshi depicting a Fortune Teller.  Titled “Gan no Gyokusho”.  The fortune teller is using her Kanzashi hairpin to point towards a fortune telling paper.  The Japanese translation is Tsuji-Ura.

Originally printed in KAEI 6th year (1853). This edition is mid 20th century on Washi from the re-carved woodblock by Adachi and is number 24 of a limited edition of 24.  The printers stamp of Adachi is on the reverse of the print.

The Print Dimensions 34 cm Width 25 cm Height

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Dimensions 48 × 68.5 cm

Kuniyoshi Utagawa Ando