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Rare Hasegawa Munehiro 1850 Woodblock Print

An outstanding, original & extremely rare Woodblock print by Hasegawa Munehiro, active c1848-1868. Print depicts a Kabuki Drama Play by Keisei Ezoushi, with Asao Tamaroku as Shishido Tatewaki.  The Carver is believed to be Hori Katsuyashu, published/printed ca1850.

Chuban single print approx 18.1 x 24.7 cm or 7.25 x 9.75 inches.

Hasegawa Munehiro was a prolific Osaka School Ukiyo-e Print maker. Little is known of him other than he studied under Konishi Hirosada 1810-1864, arguably the most outstanding print maker of the Osaka School. The Osaka School of Ukiyo-e Artists, was characterized by its dramatic & expressive style.

Mounted & framed to Museum conservation standard. True Vue 99% Anti UV Glass. Print tipped to acid free foam core backing & mat by rice paper hinges on upper corners. Completely removable & reversible Wheat flour starch adhesive.

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Dimensions 18.1 × 24.7 cm



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