Antique Tobacco Pouch With Daikonenten Clasp


Antique Edo Era Deerskin Tobaco-Ire Tobacco Pouch with hand tooled Daikokuten God of Prosperity copper and brass signed clasp and hand carved Cherrywood Kiseruzutsu Pipe Case in Urushi lacquer with carved Sika Deer Antler Samurai pattern Ojime


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Antique Tobacco Pouch With Daikonenten Clasp

An antique Japanese Edo era deerskin Tobaco-Ire Tobacco Pouch hand made between 1780 and 1830.

Also included with the deerskin pouch is a Kiseruzutsu Pipe Case.  Hand carved from a single piece of Cherry wood and featuring high gloss Urushi lacquer.  It also features an intricately detailed hand carved Samurai pattern Ojime of solid Sika Deer Antler.  The signed and hand tooled copper and brass clasp features Daikokuten the God of Prosperity.

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