Antique Pair of Kanzashi Hair Ornaments

Outstanding and stunning pair of matching Kanzashi intricately hand made with gilt gold and silver with flowers inset with coral and metal streamers, Extremely rare.

Product Description

Antique Pair of Kanzashi Hair Ornaments

A remarkable and highly detailed Antique pair of rare hand made Geisha Kanzashi bira bira hair ornaments.  Hand made during Japan’s early to mid Meiji Era between 1860s to 1890s.  Intricate and delicately decorated with gilt brass and silver Sakura Cherry Blossom flowers as well as leaves inset with natural pink coral.  Long silvered streamers intersected with patterned silvered and gilded butterflies also create a stunning effect.  Catching and reflecting a dance of light beams with each movement.  Both Kanzashi are beautifully preserved and in excellent to very good condition. Very rare to find high status Geisha ornamentation in this condition.

Shipping is via Australia Post with tracking and insurance and is approximately 8 business days to most international locations.

Dimensions of each Kanzashi approximately 19 cm –  7.5 inches length.


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