Antique Lacquer Dragon And Tiger Inro


Intricately detailed three case lacquer with tortoise shell featuring a tiger and dragon and a netsuke symbolising happiness. Decorated with Nashiji gold flakes inside.

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Antique Lacquer Dragon And Tiger Inro

A stunning and beautifully handcrafted example of early EDO era Japanese craftmanship (late 1700s).  Urushi lacquer gold leaf inlay three case Inro intricately detailed by a master craftsman.

Featuring a Tiger on one side and a Dragon and on the verso.  Also featuring an Ivory Netsuke with three eggplants symbolizing happiness and prosperity.  The interior is completed with Nashiji gold flakes.

Shipping includes tracking and signature.  This item is only available for shipment domestically within Australia or local pickup from Melbourne. If you wish to have insurance cover for shipping please contact us for a quote.


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