Antique Japanese Scroll Sanmen Daikoku by Hosho


Sanmen Daikoku the three gods are believed to protect the Three Buddhist Treasures (the Buddha, the law, and the community of followers).

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Antique Japanese Scroll Sanmen Daikoku by Hosho

Meiji era handpainted silk scroll by Hosho depicting the three gods from Sanmen Daikoku.

Sanmen Daikoku is believed to protect the Three Buddhist Treasures which are the Buddha, the law, and the community of followers.

It is believed that Saichō 767-822 the founder of Japan’s Tendai sect introduced Sanmen Daikoku to Japan.  The center face is Mahakala also called Daikokuten.  The left face is Vaiśravaṇa also referred to as Bishamontne and the right is Sarasvatī also called Benzaiten.

The upper crosspiece known as hyoumoku is karaki wood.  The lower crosspiece also known as jiku is a a karaki roller in black lacquer.  The mounting or heri is silk.  The honshi or artwork is also in good condition.

Ichimoji are the strips running across the top and bottom of the centrepiece artwork made of silk brocade.  The scroll is backed with hand made rice paper.

Dimensions: 1.72 metres in length 58.4 cm width.  Length of roller 44.5cm. 

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